"Narimanfilm" arranges a trip to Giffoni Film Festival

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About the film

The story is set in Baku. A famous Azeri photographer has to choose between accepting a valuable job offer in Africa or marrying his fiancée. The photographer decides to accept the job offer. During the ensuing quarrel, the photographer and his fiancée have a car accident. They later find themselves in a police precinct, where the photographer has to come to terms with his dread of women or he will not leave the precinct alive.

About company

About company

Narimanfilm MMC was established in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1994. Narimanfilm has a highly skilled team of scriptwriters, filmmakers, technicians and designers whose objective is to work with our clients and partners to deliver the best possible solutions. We are fully focused on the requirement to provide clients with tools and solutions that maximize the sale of their products and services.


To be the BEST in region

It is Narimanfilm’s vision to be the most preferable provider of video professional services and new media technology solutions within selected business areas and locations.


Our mission is to provide Azerbaijan business community with quality brand-name professional video services, reliable and professional Technical Support, unparalleled Customer Service.

Become the leading film, video, new media streaming technologies providing company, and film distributor in Azerbaijan and in the South Caucasus region, utilizing the latest technology to shift market share from competitors to Narimanfilm MMC.

Participate in the development of Azerbaijani film industry through the training of Azerbaijani filmmakers, along with the production of national documentary and feature films, their promotion and distribution in local and foreign markets.

Open Azerbaijan for foreign filmmakers as a shooting place and popularize the country for international projects.


We create PRODUCT and supply SERVICE of high QUALITY

We are Proactive, Competent, Innovative, Flexible, and we keep our promises.

Our team

Our team

Currently, Narimanfilm can brag about successful gathering the team of diverse specialists who set aims on achieving company’s long-term goals. Company strives to unite the professionals who are able to bring new ideas in firm’s current activities as well as their high-quality realization in real life.

In our team, colleagues’ openness, their energy, and steady desire to reach new professional heights are highly appreciated. Healthy trusting relationship among team-members is gained with their respect to each other, working responsibility, and of course sincere integrity. 



Initially focused only on professional movie production service, now Narimanfilm targets to diversify its current business service portfolio via spreading on adjacent markets in which the developed skills and competences are allied.

Currently, Narimanfilm is presented in three main clusters of businesses such as Movie production service, Presentation and Conference organization services and additional media service (in partnership with UK-based i2i Group of Companies).

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"Narimanfilm" arranges a trip to Giffoni Film Festival

Giffoni Film Festival Logo

Baku. 10.04.2014. Press-release.

A group of Azerbaijani children will attend Giffoni International Film Festival

In the past years, "Narimanfilm" Studio, on repeated occasions, has organized numerous trainings for sound technicians, scriptwriters, directors and producers. This year, continuing the tradition in promoting cinema culture and cinematography among viewers, "Narimanfilm" Studio in collaboration with Giffoni International Film Festival organizes a trip for 3 children of 13-16 years old in order to attend the Giffoni Experience event withing the festival's framework.

Existing for 44 years, Giffoni International Film Festival is the unique event in the world of cinematography where children take part as a jury board. The event will be held from 18th to 27th of July, and during this time 3,000 children from different countries will watch and mark over 100 films.

This year, children from Azerbaijan will participate in the festival for the first time. Children will have an opportunity to discuss and debate over the movies they watch, and to choose the winner of the contest. During the festival they will speak with directors, actors, personalities of movies, and, the most important, with their peers from 40 countries.








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