At the end of last week, new film “Precinct”, produced at the “Narimanfilm” studio sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in conjunction with «Georgianfilm» movie studio and “Bagirafilms” company (Georgia) in the genre of arthouse mystery drama, have been publicly shown for the media at “Azerbaijan” cinema. The project was developed as a part of IFA-SC programme on the basis of training by and consultation of Claire Downes (writer, UK) and Chedomir Colar (Producer, France). Ilgar Safat is a film director and scriptwriter, Vako Karchkhadze and Constantin (Mindia) Esadze (Georgia) are directors of photography, Rena Effendi and Torakhanim Agabayova are production designers, Andrey Doinikov (Russia) is a composer, Jamil Guliyev is an art director, Nariman Mammadov ia s producer.

Plot of the film is unusual: the famous photographer and his bride at the time of quarrel got in a car accident and find themselves at the police precinct, where the hero reveals phobia which was acquired in childhood as a result of trauma. To escape alive from the ill-fated precinct, he is forced to leave there all his fears. The history is supernatural and mysterious, it combines interesting intersection of genres, focuses viewer's attention on interpersonal conflicts and dilemmas that are present not only in relationships between people, but also in person himself. Events are developing dynamically in the premises of PRECINCT where all of the past brought to the surface, but nothing has been disclosed. Simultaneously, the police precinct is associated with the secret site of human soul with the depths of conscience, where shameful things which are not driven to the surface are hidden and the bright things easily lick out. As soon as the events of hero’s youth are gradually emerging, and his personal trauma is revealing, dramatic tension and willingness to an unexpected turn of events increase. Rethinking of experience and re-evaluation of all life occurs, when the person gets rid of his weaknesses and vices through suffering and catharsis. Events in the film show underside of life, the dark underworld, falling to which is possible if one can live in good conscience. The film is instructive and leaves a deep impression, especially owing to brilliant and coherent performance of the actors, including those in episodes. The film also traces parallel to the period of formation of art photography in Azerbaijan, which adds attractiveness to the plot.

It is interesting that the actors staff involved in the film is international: the key role is played by Zaza Bejashvili, Georgian actor, the role of his bride is played by Melissa Papel, Frenchwoman of Turkish origin, the role of chief of a precinct is played by Vagif Ibrahimoglu, the role of the model is played by Deborah Kidd from the USA. Other roles are played by Nina Rakova (Russia), Ramis Ibrahimov (Russia), Sonakhanim Mikayilova, Timur Odushev, Mammad Safa, Midhat Aydinov, Ruslan Ismayilov (Azerbaijan).

It is noteworthy that immediately after this display, viewers will have an opportunity to see the film “Precinct”, which will be screened at “Azerbaijan” cinema from 23 to 29 September. At the end of public display, we asked Ilgar Safat, the director and scriptwriter of the film “Precinct” to share with his impressions about work on the film and the criteria for casting of actors.

Our reference: Ilgar Safat - film director, poet, rock singer, he graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute named after M.F.Akhundov in 1995 with the qualification in teaching Russian language and literature. He published his works in various newspapers and literary magazines in Baku from 1995 to 2000. In 2002, he completed VKSR (Graduate School of Scriptwriters and Directors) in Moscow: the workshop of V.I.Khotinenko. Filmography: “Tyscha” (Moscow), “Grandson of the Mountain” (Baku), “I remember the birds...” (Moscow), “The Roots of Heaven "(Khabarovsk), “Spirit, that lives in the stone” (Khabarovsk) etc. The film “Grandson of Mountain” represented Azerbaijan in various European cities within the framework of the Caucasus Project for several years. In 2003, director was awarded with a diploma and award of the Governor of Khabarovsk Territory for the film “The Roots of Heaven”. The film “The Roots of Heaven” was displayed in various cities around the world, took part in many Russian and international film festivals (New York, Leipzig, Barcelona, Prague, Augsburg etc.), it is also inserted into the library of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

- Since I wrote the script myself, I was well aware of those characters that I was going to embody on the screen, i.e. what nature has to be at this or that character. For this reason, to hold the casting of actors was not difficult. It was much harder to find these people, but when I found them, I knew which role this person must play. Let say, Vagif Ibrahimoglu with his plasticity and organic structure, with his unusual wide range of acting capacity was simply created for the role of the chief of a precinct. It is hard to imagine who else could play this role. The same goes to other actors, such as Zaza Bejashvili, beautiful Georgian actor – performer of key role of Garib. This is his first large work in movies, but nevertheless, he perfectly coped with its task, because the role was very complex. Melissa Papel, French actress with a very good theatrical background has starred in France in serials and comedy films, but here she made a dramatic role, so she has a new step forward. I think that all the actors were in their places and I, fortunately, made no mistake in choosing them.