A long-expected première of “The Precinct” was held

At the "Azerbaijan" cinema the premiere of the "The Precinct" feature movie (The Precinct, “Narimanfilm” Production), was held.

The movie was shot by the Azerbaijani director Ilgar Safat. There were quite a lot of those wishing to see a movie shot by the joint efforts of the Azerbaijani and Georgian filmmakers. And it was only the first day of the movie demonstration in the "Azerbaijan" cinema. The movie can be watched for a few more days. The daily shows will start at 17.

Meanwhile, during the premiere, the journalists had the opportunity to communicate with the film director, actors, movie critics and other prominent figures who came to the show.

Georgian actor Zaza Bejashvili was present at the show as well. In an interview with the “Echo” he told that this movie is more to him than a usual film. “It is a remarkable film. When an actor has such a fine, “tasty” work”, then this is a double happiness” – he said.

Talking about the creative relationship with the Azerbaijani director, Bejashvili called Ilqar Safat his "creative" brother. "I was very pleased to work with this director," - emphasized the Georgian actor.

A French actress Melissa Papel is a film partner for Zaza. "We had no problems, except the language barrier - she spoke only French and Turkish, and I - Russian".  

The movie is based on the history of a mystical travel of a photographer, whose role performs Zaza, in his childhood. The movie is a joint production of Azerbaijanand Georgia, with the financial support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.
Renowned photographer and his fiancée at the time of quarrels get in a car accident and find themselves in the police custody. Here, through his distrust to the bride, a photographer finds a phobia, acquired in his childhood. For many years he had this fear of women. In order to escape alive from this police custody, he should leave his fears there ...

It is worthy to say, that the movie made a strong impression on the audience. There are no platitudes, and the plot can be divided into three components - the reality, memory and imagination. At the same time, the director very aptly focuses on the details, not to mention the fact that the movie is a kind of propaganda of the historical and cultural monuments ofAzerbaijan. The Karabakh theme is not forgotten as well, and the director emphasizes it very subtly and only by one episode.

Camera work is also well-done. This process was led by the Georgians - Konstantin Esadze and Varlam Karchhadze. Music by - Andrey Doynikov, and Art director - Jamil Guliyev.

Shooting took place in Azerbaijan. Duration of tape is 115 minutes. The language spoken by the characters of the movie is Azerbaijani and partly - Russian. The project was developed within the framework of the IFA-SC program, on the basis of training and consultations provided by Claire Downes (screenwriter,UK) and Cedomir Kolar (Producer, France). The shooting began on September 16, 2008 and ended on November 25, 2008.

According to the filmmakers, the main target audience of the movie consists of people aged from 25 to 55 years old. "At the international market it is mainly European audience, interested in art house cinema. However, depending on the fate of the festival and thanks to the universality of history, we believe that the movie will attract a wider audience" – say the authors of the film.

History of “The Precinct”, supernatural and mysterious, combines an interesting intersection of genres, concentrating our attention on the conflicts and dilemmas that are present in the relationship among the modern human beings. Events take place inBaku, which in itself is of great interest to an international audience, as the culture of this country was paid very little cinematic gaze, and this scenario is endowed with the sufficient force of the story to generate interest among a global audience.

This is a classic story of a man whose past prevents from existence in the present. Events rapidly immerse us in a mysterious space of the PRECINCT, where everything is offered, and nothing is revealed. As the past of the hero gradually emerges and reveals his personal trauma, the dramatic tension and readiness to an unexpected turn of events increases. The history also speaks about the infancy of photography art in Azerbaijan, which adds to the plot more attractiveness.

Claire Downes: "During the IFA-SC seminar, in Georgia, I had the opportunity to read the script of “the Precinct" that your company has developed and intends to produce. With great pleasure I would like to inform you that I find this scenario very interesting. It is very good written, with fully developed characters and a theme that demonstrates an unusual approach to the current reality of your country. Based on the best traditions of the genre, the story is intended for the widest possible audience worldwide, which paves the way for its international success. Having rejected the stereotyped phrases, like “what we expect from a typical Azerbaijani film”, this movie makes it possible to create a universal story that unfolded in a particular place. So, the movie by Ilgar Safat can become a significant step towards attracting the attention of new audiences, the international press, as well as festivals in the world…”.

Director Ilgar Safat also is known as a poet and rock singer. Born inBakuin1972. In1995 he graduated from the Azerbaijan M.F. Akhundov State Pedagogical Institute, specialty – the teacher of the Russian language and literature. From 1995 to 2000 he published his works in various newspapers and literary magazines ofBaku. He appeared on stage with his songs at various stages ofBakuandMoscow. He is the author of about a hundred songs. In 2002 he graduated from VKSR (Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Movie directors) inMoscow(class of V.I. Khotinenko).

In 2002 he shot “The grandson of the mountain” film, over the years representing Azerbaijan in various European cities as part of the Caucasus project. Upon completion of the Higher courses he worked during a year and a half as a director at the Far Eastern newsreel studio in Khabarovsk. In 2003, for "The Roots of Heaven" movie he was awarded a diploma and award of the Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory. The "The Roots of Heaven" movie appeared in different countries, took part in many Russian and international movie festivals (New York, Leipzig, Barcelona, Prague, Augsburg, etc.). In Germany, the movie was included in the catalog of the best ethnographic films. Also, this tape is included in the library of the American Museum of Natural History (American Museum of Natural History) in New York