The issue of a creative man and surrounding world: "Precinct" was presented

According to the information from Milli Az. portal, a premiere of “Precinct” full-length movie took place in “Azerbaijan” Cinema.

The name of “Precinct” movie, of which screenwriter is Ilgar Safat, has both independent and figurative meanings. The author of the movie tried to find on-screen solution of the shocks suffered by a creative man being in the way of going into the acoustics of the time and space, using main characters – Garib (Zaza Bejashvili, Georgia), Sabina (Melissa Papel, France) and chief (Vagif Ibrahimoglu).

The notion of “a picture wins victory over death” said by Iosif Davidovich, who was teaching Garib the secrets of photography, while gazing at the pictures carved on Gobustan Rocks, may be considered as the leitmotif of the “Precinct” movie. In “Precinct” movie, where there are many moments of psychological and moral violence, one may watch the behaviour of the same characters and the features of their relations with the surrounding world in two, even three time measurements. The episodes of violence may be seen in the “precinct” of Garib’s adolescence period, when he was spending his skills in the profession of a photographer to the dissemination of pornography having obeyed orders of the robust man of the district, and being caught in the trap of the Chief under “the article of use of drugs at the law-enforcement department“, having accepted the offer of the Chief to smoke a pipe.

Where such moral violence has spread so widely, it is not difficult to imagine the extent of the physical violence. The painful thing is that the behaviours of the policemen, whom Garib and his fiancée Sabina got to know as a result of a car accident, differ from each other only for their appearance in the mystical and true presentation – if true policemen, as opposed to mystical policemen, take victims not to investigation, but to hospital, this can not conceal their dirty affairs with medical workers.

Let us recall that “Precinct” movie is a joint work of Azerbaijani and Georgian cinematographers. The movie has been produced in “Narimanfilm” film studio of Azerbaijan.

Samira. Milli.Az 2010-09-16