A miracle! New “Precinct” of Azerbaijani cinema

Azerbaijan, Baku, 17 September, Trend Life,
Eldar Huseynzada
(Translated from Russian)

A miracle! The film has been produced over the past few years inAzerbaijan, after viewing of which one does not think about how much could be done for those two lost hours (two hours – average cinematographic figure). I do not want to offend anyone, but all that was filmed during the last ten years, slightly differed from each other. Yes, somewhere was director’s motion forward, a little technical, but in general it did not cause some splash or explosion. The film "Precinct" - the debut, we want to emphasize, the work of Ilqar Safat and in my personal opinion, it is just what was in need for a long time for national cinematography.

The film is a joint production of Azerbaijan and Georgia and produced with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan at the studio of "Narimanfilm" cinema studio.

Trailer posted in the Internet, pre-tuned to the fact that the "Precinct" is a technically and ideologically something totally different than what we see in Azerbaijan. The picture itself corresponded to the quality that we have seen even in the most decrepit American or European film.

And it pleased us that a film script is mystical. Otherwise, films inAzerbaijanare made about unhappy love, loneliness and suddenly mystics appears.

I will not retell the story of the "Precinct", it would be better for you to see it by yourself from 23 to 29 September in "Azerbaijan" cinema. But I will say another thing. For instance, the film has opened new Vagif Ibrahimoglu for me. Famous Azerbaijani theater director, who rarely acts in films, is ideally suited for the image of a negative character. He looked madly stylish and is very consistent with his role of chief of the police precinct, although it was not a precinct, just an desolated house. Character of Ibrahimoglu smashed leading character Gharib with sharp and unexpected moves. On the whole, he reminded such a little demon, who lashes his opponent, reminding him his terrible sins of the past.

Another discovery was Ruslan Ismayilov, the actor of "YUG" theatre. His beginner bandit Parviz was very believable, unpleasant and totally arousing the fear.

One should stress the wonderful Georgian actor Zaza Bejishvili. Personally, I saw young Al Pacino in him. He reminds him externally band with the manner of play. The image of a successful photographer, casting in "nu" style, was vivid

The film particularly caused pleasure with the fact that here Safat was able to create a tension that keeps the audience until the last minute, there is a mystery, sudden emotional outbursts, which force us to flinch. The director managed to create a tense atmosphere with slight effects, games with light. As a result we have organic semi-mystical film with a good, quite philosophical subtext. "Precinct" is a story that can happen to anyone. But not all of us can get out from it with honor.

The domestic film industry may be award congratulated on this initiative. If such "precincts" will appear at least once a year, the Azerbaijani film industry will finally receive the audience and success.