The mystical "Precinct" of Vagif Ibrahimoglu: "I am a power destined to do evil, but doing good"

Azerbaijan, Baku, 22 September 2010, Trend Life,  

Eldar Huseynzada

(Translated from Russian)

One of the key roles in the sensational film "Precinct" directed by Ilgar Safat is performed by Vagif Ibrahimoglu, Honored Artist of Azerbaijan, chief director of "YUG" theater. His negative character to be very solid and colorful. After the premiere, he gave an interview to Trend Life.

- Vagif muallim, everyone has his own view on the film "Precinct". What do you think this story about?

- Each person is responsible for what he does. If there is a lack of high morality in your affairs and actions you will be punished for sure: at this or better world. The film also shows that everyone has an opportunity to break through the black karma. The key character Garib succeeded in this. He broke away from the threshold.

- Is a horrible story that happened to him, reality or fantasy?

- Semantic, subconscious, and, perhaps, it actually happens - understand how you want. The main thing in this situation that there is a break from the imposed circumstances, albeit at the cost of the victim.

- In this film, I personally discovered new Vagif Ibrahimoglu – good negative character and it is very interesting to watch him.

- I have a few movie roles in order to compare with something... Mephistopheles said in Goethe’s "Faust": "I am a power destined to do evil, but doing good." In fact, my hero helped Garib to get out of a difficult situation. It's like a surgeon who cuts, but heals.

- "Precinct" is a mystical and quite unusual work for Azerbaijani cinema. Do you agree with this view?

- It would be incorrect of me to say something, but I heard the views of specialists, who call the film "Precinct" as a phenomenon in our culture. Then you can have different ways to assess, but the film is certainly an event.