Permission and visas

No more hassle!

To film in Azerbaijan all productions must receive written approval for shooting, as well as work visas for all international crew, which are issued by various Azerbaijan Governmental Offices.

Our company takes away the hassle by applying for everything on your behalf.

Narimanfilm has also built up an excellent relationship with the Azerbaijan Government, which assures quicker and more efficient service.

The following application times are:

Please contact the Narimanfilm office for all application requirements.


Narimanfilm covers all main services that take place in pre-production period.

The Company facilitates you with casting on Lead cast members, Featured and background extras, Stand-Ins and even Stunt Doubles.

Depending on your production, we will find the best possible look for you, whether it may be European, African or Asian.

Narimanfilm also can provide you with different equipment necessary for shooting processes such as Camera Equipment, Aerial Mounts, Grips Equipment, Lighting Equipment, Underwater gears, Consumables & Support material, and Tracking vehicles.

Locations, lights, camera, action… We bring Azerbaijan to you!

Narimanfilm provides a full location scouting service at extremely competitive rate. In all circumstances our company combines the Director’s vision with practical locations that will logistically benefit the production.

The greatest benefit of making use of your Narimanfilm location scouts is the huge saving in cost, and travel time is kept to a minimum. The scout’s unbeatable local knowledge remains the biggest benefit and cannot be measured in any currency.

After the scouts has been completed we provide you with:

Company’s Location & Unit teams have extensive knowledge of Narimanfilm and its surroundings, thereby providing the knowledge of what equipment and support is required to make the shoot adaptable to the specific location.

This knowledgeable Location & Unit support ensures increased crew productivity, quick & effective unit movements and proper maintenance and rehabilitation of the environment.

Narimanfilm can provide you with a selection of rental options in Azerbaijan on request: